Mindy is a writer who frequently updates her blog with thoughts, stories, and experiences to exercise her writing ability. I think she has a rather good eye for design too. Sometimes she writes in MS Word (a.k.a. Evil Incarnate XP®) and puts it directly on the web, which ends up looking all garbled. Then I throw a sofa at her and she fixes it.
This is Zach's (A.K.A. "Jacques'") web site et ses cheveux sont très bien. Zach knows Japanese (as well as "Zapanese") better than I know anything. His talents are currently directed towards an artist-collective known as FourthCity. They totally fucking rock.
YorghosYorghos: Reactivatedish
Yorghos hadn't touched his page for a while, so it died, but then it rose from its sandy ashes to be kinda there again. Maybe he'll make a real one one of these days. Perhaps that will be the day Reno lifts itself out of the ground and floats the entire population over to Seattle so I can convince him to attend UW again. Until then, Christina Aguilera says: Bah!
Dan's Dismal DomainDan's Dismal Domain: Fairly Nonexistent
This is a friend of mine from back before we came to UW. Dan has been very helpful in unravelling the mysteries of HTML. I have no idea where he is right now. Dan, if you see this, I need my calculator back. :P
The Mega-PostThe Mega-Post:
One of the comment threads on CARS, The Mega-Post began when CARS temporarily took a break from writing and the readers were forced to find a way to amuse themselves. Months later, it continues on, like the naughty, disrespectful ruffian it is. Say anything at all.


As The Apple TurnsAs The Apple Turns:
This is like stand up newcasting. AtAT focuses on current Macintosh related news, except they call it writing a "soap opera".
Crazy Apple Rumors SiteCrazy Apple Rumors Site:
Another hilarious daily apple news resource. They are particularly adept at contriving ridiculous quotes for well known public figures.
I don't know where all the Mac related parody sites came from, but they're certainly welcome to stay. This site prides itself on reviewing the worst Macintosh software they can find, "so you don't have to!"
The place that you go to for Mac software.
MacAddict MagazineMacAddict Magazine:
This is my Mac magazine of choice. The website is worth a look too.
If you're a real Mac user than you'll definitely have a collection of icons somewhere on your hard drive. These guys are the gods of icon-making.
Daily updates concerning the stability and security of the Macintosh. I've always liked the way that they link to interesting news articles of the day as well.

Good Shit

Jeffrey Zeldman PresentsJeffrey Zeldman Presents:
Big ol' standards guru. Wrote a book about using 'em to create websites. His site has daily news concerning design, the internet, and computers in general.
Dive Into MarkDive Into Mark:
Accessibility expert and lots of other technological things expert. Is working on Atom, a successor to RSS feeds used widely in blogs.
Blue Sky Heart GraphicsBlue Sky Heart Graphics:
A place for stunning desktops (some free, some not).
Digital BlasphemyDigital Blasphemy:
Another place for fantastic desktop pictures (again, some free, some not).
The best internet search engine there is. Don't argue. Just go there.
University Of WashingtonUniversity Of Washington:
Yeah... well, I gotta put up a link to my university. I suppose it would be rather rude to leave them out considering this web site is hosted by them.

Web Comics

Sluggy FreelanceSluggy Freelance:
Funny as hell. A friend of mine introduced me to this comic. It makes me want a ferret... sometimes.
I'm sure everyone's heard of this comic strip before, but I'm rather fond of it. Cubicle humor for the masses.
A KeenSpot comic. From the creator of Wendy and Cute Wendy, this is a comic with an endearing and imaginative style of funny. Too hard to explain.
Everything JakeEverything Jake:
'Nother KeenSpot comic. The author frequently alternates between drawings and text which allows the story to move quickly and involve the reader, while at the same time... uh, pictures (yay!). He's got a great story telling ability as well as a talent for drawing people. I just wish he'd draw them with their mouths open when the characters are talking.
RPG WorldRPG World:
It took me a long time to appreciate RPGs and while I really enjoy them now, it is refreshing to see a comic that acknowledges some of the video game genre's more absurd tendencies. Female characters in this comic often feature unusually large thighs, but hey, I can dig it. Keenspot.
Very original and sharp drawing style. Occasionally focuses on animals and stops being funny. The occasional rants are fun to read too. Keenspot.
Road WafflesRoad Waffles:
I'm amazed it's still called "Road Waffles." This comic has changed characters and purpose and direction so often that I have no idea what it used to be about. I can only really tell what's going on now, even a few comics back, I've already forgotten what they were about. This place jumps around like a nuclear pogo-stick. Keenspot.
Hound's HomeHound's Home:
Intriguing drawing style, especially with the animals. It's got emo or gothish roots, but doesn't limit itself to those mindsets and basically makes fun of it all. Keenspot.
Elf Only InnElf Only Inn:
Immersive character art, and vivid character personalities and development. Takes place in a visualized role-playing chatroom. The characters exist as their avatars and tackle common online problems, such as obnoxious brats. Keeeeenspot.
It Never Rains On Monitor HillIt Never Rains On Monitor Hill:
With an amazing geometric drawing style and inexplicably rare subject matter, INR soothes the fevered mind. It depicts a collection of teenagers marooned in suburbia who do drugs, have fun, get depressed, wander, wonder, and otherwise act like real human beings.
Red MeatRed Meat:
This is sick humor. Everything is in black and white with very particularly styled characters. I heard somewhere that the author took characters from old discontinued comic strips and reused them for totally random scenes.
Graveyard TownGraveyard Town:
Very beautiful and imaginative. A girl lives in a town where everyone is in the funeral industry in some way. Graves can talk, and are somehow more balanced than the townsfolk. Made me very happy.
Too Much Coffee ManToo Much Coffee Man:
A comic that generally touches on social commentary. It is technically part of a bi-monthly magazine of the same name which I happen to subscribe to. I don't even like coffee.
Homestar RunnerHomestar Runner:
There's a lot of flash cartoons out there--and some of them are really funny--but Homestar Runner beats 'em all. It's unusual, and creative, and incredibly good.

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