June 19th, 2004

It's been a while, so here's another shot of my adding machine. These are the number keys, plus the red one that totals all the values. Sometimes they stick a little, but if though art virtuous and pure of heart they will work.

I got fired yesterday.

I have a habit of trying really hard at jobs and still losing them. It always feels the same, like I'm missing some vital piece of knowledge or experience or just humanity. It feels like I'm brain damaged somewhere, but can only detect it when I have to accomplish some task for someone else.

Painting! For Christ's sake, I lost a job painting! If that's not incontrovertible evidence for brain damage, then I don't know what is.

Also, it happened to be the hardest week of work I have ever experienced. I was trudging around outside on really hot days (What the hell is wrong with you, Seattle?) dragging a brush up and down doors that could reflect the sunlight directly into my eyes from any angle. For eight hours a day -- it was great.

It was a fantastic job, but it poofed. And now I'm stuck with the worst job there is: searching for another job. Crap.

Oh well, I figure the more I get fired, the more likely it can be recognized as a disability. And then I can get money from the government! Or better yet, I can be drafted into the army next Spring and screw all the missions up!

Except that would probably be really unpleasant, soooo... I think I'll try to get a job putting books away. That would be a sweet job, I think. And if it's on the UW campus, it would be very convenient.

Hey, if anyone reads this and wants someone who's an expert at getting fired to work for them, I'm your man. Email me and we'll see if my magic is right for you. *Wink* *Shiny teeth*

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