August 7th, 2004

One of Mindy's beaded wire bracelets. The wire is copper colored and the beads are black, except after photoshop is through with them, they're psychedelic colored instead.

I have a broken iBook keyboard key (the return key, actually) here sitting in a pair of laboratory goggles that I haven't used in a long time. I haven't used them since my chemistry classes. The overwhelming displeasure that I felt during those labs can be almost entirely attributed to the stuffiness of those damned goggles. Now there is a broken laptop key sitting in them and I have no plans to wear them soon. Nor do I have plans to put them away.

It's nice being an electrical engineer -- no goggles. But I've been working on this embedded system thing for a class. It's been pretty fun, but really time consuming. Basically we're making an operating system for a random processor that runs a bunch of assorted hardware.

Interesting to do, boring to talk about.

I hope engineering doesn't make me too boring.

Er... too late, maybe.

I should make a death-robot. You can't go wrong with a death-robot. Certainly no one has ever called them boring. And at the very least, I could teach it how to play ping-pong and I'd never be bored.

One time we hooked this guy up to the powergrid. He liked to play ping-pong so much that he didn't want to do anything else. So for money, he simply generated power and the power company paid him back. And with that money, he could pay someone to get that IV fluid stuff and hook it up for him so that he wouldn't have to stop playing. People would come to play him and he would just keep going non-stop. He had this one room at the edge of a strip mall that he rented and people would come in and play against him. At night, he would sleep on the table with a pillow he kept in the corner. Then he would get up bright and early and go at it some more.

More on that later...

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