May 2nd, 2004

A shot of part of the machinery on my adding contraption that is attached to the crank. The image features the Photoshop filter known as 'Facet'.

I've been feeling kind of retro lately. I recently had to restart into Mac OS 9 in order to get the font Palatino back. I'm not sure where it went, but I suspect that it never came when I installed Mac OS X without OS 9. I was also missing a few other random fonts that I had forgotten about. But not you, Palatino. I can never forget you.

Palatino was the font that got me through highschool. Palatino was slightly bigger than Times (or is it Times New Roman?), which is vital for someone who hates writing (can you tell?). I've heard that Windows prints Times a little larger than the Mac OS, so it might be that Palatino naturally fills that difference. Times is so soporific anyway.

A second ago, I said that I hated writing. That's not really true. But writing didn't work out for me so well in my K-12 years. I never really understood writing as something that wasn't a chore, even if it was creative writing (which was seldom).

But reading was fun, and I think that kept me on track. So now I can enjoy writing even if I'm not that good.

Edelweiss, back to my recent retroness.

Whenever I use OS 9, I'm reminded of the most coolest extension ever. Namely, Gravité. Gravité made all the icons you dragged lock to the cursor where you clicked on it and rotate freely in a translucent fashion. It was sooo cool. Like, almost Exposé cool, except useless.

Yeah, it's not for OS X yet, but perhaps someday. Though we do have Glider Pro. Which is a freaking sweet game from way back in the day. Glider has been on my mind ever since I read an interview with John Calhoun, the creator of Glider.

Lastly, Folklore is everything a raving Macintosh fan could ever want. The website is primarily maintained by Andy Hertzfeld, an early Apple employee, but also features contributions from other early Apple employees.

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