April 28th, 2004

A blurry, evening shot of a light on top of a building. The dark, blue sky has been shifted to green and the bright, yellow light has been shifted to magenta, courtesy of photoshop.

New thing! I'm going to start putting poems in the script that generates random phrases (Hint: it sits right under the big Datatonia). But I'm only going to have one poem at a time.

I think this will make it more cool and less dumb.

The first poem that I'm going to stick in there is going to be Howl by Allen Ginsberg. After that, it'll probably be something from David Kirby, because every line from his poetry kicks ass.

Um, it suddenly occured to me, upon looking at Howl once again, that his lines are kinda split up in the way that they were printed. So I guess I'll reconnect them.

There's also this They Might Be Giants song that begins with the first line from Howl. It's also a great song (and not just because of that first line).

Here, then, is I Should Be Allowed To Think.

In other news, I got a free cone of ice cream today from Ben & Jerry's. They're using it as a sneaky, sneaky way to get people to vote. How evil. It's so evil, I might vote.

The girl who was inquiring about our voting status was pretty cool. She has a tough job. She got Vlad to sign up to vote. He's an American.

Vlad and I asked her who she was going to vote for in the upcoming elections. She said, "we're a bipartisan business". Only bi? But then she added, "Well, I know who I'm not voting for". Vlad and I agreed.

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