May 10th, 2004

I captured this image of some lively graffiti that lives under a bridge on the way to school. It is bright pink and features a guy's comical face in the midst of uttering a terrified yell.


I dug around for some free stock photography and made some pretty things to label my top-level pages. Aren't they sexy?

Most of the images were from stock.xchng, an absolutely wonderful artistic resource. They have a massive collection of imagery supplied by the general public for free usage in any situation.

Two of the images were from individuals located at deviantART who gave away some of their work for stock purposes. One of the images was by Janina and the other was by Shonna. Thank you! You both rock! And in case you're interested, here is deviantART's stock art gallery.

Lastly, I got Mindy to take some pictures of me. I picked out the one I liked the most and used it on the Me page. I don't think it came out very well -- I need to work on my photogenitude. And I should work on my photoshopitude. And GIF images should work on looking better.

More realistically, I should use PNGs oftener.

Non-shitty image formats are confusing. How broad is the support for JPEG2000? How do I get Photoshop to not bloat the fuck out of PNGs? Who supports all the features and which ones can I rely upon? These are the questions that make the internet just a little bit suckier than it has to be.

It appears that Safari, at the very least, supports both JPEG2000 and full PNG transparency, so at least someone is trying to help... and probably Mozilla... and probably Opera, y'know how it goes. Also, wavelets rock.

Mozilla, Safari, and Opera have decent support for standards, so they display this website correctly. Internet Explorer doesn't, so it doesn't. All browsers will display the content.