December 18th, 2003

Finals are dead and it was a crappy quarter overall. There are some things you just can't learn in school. *sigh* Let me say that again... *sigh*

My poor website has been languishing in its own excretions thanks to my fatherly neglect. Over the break I hope to clean it up a little and add a few things. One improvement that I have my eye on is making some nice pages for each of the photos. I also want some descriptions up. It's really important that I make fun of the pictures of myself, because I look way too serious without any of the actual coolness or badassness to offset the pointlessness.

I got rid of the page that listed all of my favorite songs (like 200 hundred of them, yeesh). I'm pretty sure that it was a dirty little search engine magnet thanks to all of the pop culture references that such a list would inevitably be drenched in. Now people should no longer be dragged here when they're looking for something that I just stuck in a list on a whim.

Merry Xmas Break everybody.

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