June 14th, 2004

This is a shot of the wound on my hand where I fell. I messed with the colors. It's kind of hard to get it to heal.

Hi! I got crucified last week. Well not really -- only my left hand. Stupid hole.

Classes are over for Spring. They will resume in two weeks for Summer quarter. Until then, I shall be cleaning and painting. With any luck, just painting.

Painting is kinda fun. The people I work with are cool. The guy that hired me is cool. I'm getting good pay and the hours are convenient. It's about time I had a Summer job that didn't totally suck.

Good thing too, cuz I got no money.

Kaddish! Allen Ginsberg thought this was his greatest work ever. So you should read it. It's a great poem about his mother, who went insane when Ginsberg was still pretty young. You ain't never had shit like this happen, so read it and know what it could be like. Are you feeling sane today?

Oh, also Footnote to Howl for completeness' sake. Kaddish took forever though. Good god that is a long poem. I feel like I should be getting school credit for this. Oh wait, I'm an electrical engineer. Maybe if I built an electo-shock machine (Yeah, I know. Bad taste).

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