August 26th, 2007

A pile of ice that we threw into the grass outside our apartment. It was taking up space inside our fridge for about two months.

Mindy cruelly threw me into a TV show called Heroes last week. We've seen every episode already. I'm having withdrawal... like, a-good-book-just-ended withdrawal.

How can this be? It's a TV show that my brain is telling me is as good as a book. Something's wrong here. It must be because it's half TV show and half comic.

TV shows have never really understood the concept of "badass". That's where the heavy comic book influence paid off. I hope it lasts, though.

I think the experimental phase that each hero progresses through in "Heroes" is where you see the purest badass. Once we're used to what they are capable of, I'm worried that the series will lose its potency.

In any case, I can't stop thinking about this show and I hope it finds some way to sustain that "Wow, look what I can do" sense of child-like wonder. The only feeling that's worse than when a good book ends, is when a good book just dies.

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