June 16th, 2004

This scene is a combination of a friend named Peter, a red, rubber wig that he unwillingly received, some duct-tape, three red, plastic cups, and, um... another friend's house.

I just wrote a poem. It is named: Beside The Sink. It is very short.

I figure if I'm not so good at writing, I might as well make the poems I make short. That way when it turns out that the poem sucks, I don't feel like: "Oh look, I just spent the whole day writing something shitty. I'll never have that time back. What a fucking waste." See? That wouldn't be pleasant.

And just look at those curse words. We wouldn't want me using that dirty language. Booby.

I was feeling bad earlier today and then I started feeling better. And then I wrote the poem and stopped feeling bad. That's not something that happens often to, I don't think, anyone.

Another thing that has been making me feel good lately has been Crazy Apple Rumors. Specifically, the Mega-Post. This lively and voluptuous series of comments is growing longer by the day, and hopefully it will never ever stop. Though now that it no longer adorns the front page of CARS, it has little hope of actually growing faster, but it seems to have a somewhat loyal following (including me), so here's hoping the message is spread (like Grandmaster Flash).

I saw someone on one of CARS' comment areas with Magnanimous Wang as their nick. That's a freakin' cool name.

Say hi to Peter, he's in the picture. Say hi to Mindy, she's in Italy. Cry for me Argentina.

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