March 28th, 2004

Mechanical parts of my adding machine, mostly rotating arms. There's a spring in the top left corner.

I'm experimenting with something that I saw at waferbaby. Basically it's just an image that accompanies a post on his weblog, but usually it's not a picture of anything in particular. It's more often something not easily identified that serves to add mood to the post rather than additional information.

I don't know if mood is the right term for it, but at least in my case, I'm not going to go hunting around for photos that evoke the exact mood that fits my post. That's way too not gonna happen. I think that the purpose is more along the lines of just adding something that is pleasing to the eye, since raw text is anything but.

So I wanted to play with it a bit to see if I could add anything new. For starters, I use a liquid design for this site, and I have to position and size the image differently because of it. I think it'll be fun though.

And for my first trick, I will tear a chunk off of my adding machine for all to enjoy.

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