August 5th, 2007

The gnome that I got Mindy for Valentine's day is guarding the many empty beer bottles that accumulated while she was in Rome.

I was trying to get my Wii to talk to someone else's Wii today, and it wasn't working for shit. Mindy managed to uncover the secret handshake that made the magic happen. For the benefit of future generations, I would like to record the solution here, in the hopes that it eases someone's pain.

After you have gotten your Wii set up for internet and have added your friend's Wii code to your address book, you may have discovered that the option to "send message" (while in the address book, for example), remains dimmed despite your best efforts. Well, there's one thing you haven't tried yet...

You need to reconnect your Wii Remote.

To do this, press the home button on the Wii Remote, then click on "Wii Remote Settings" at the bottom of the screen, and finally, click "Reconnect".

What the hell.

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