August 15th, 2004

This is a fragment of Mindy's silvery hooped necklace. I made it glow and shifted it to red artificially.

...Is apparently an anagram of my full name.

I posted some poems I wrote. They're kinda stinky, like the dog perched regally on my couch right now.

There are two:

You'd think that writing a poem to get into an engineering department would be a quick way to get guys in white clothes sent to your house, but the truth is, they never showed up.

The bet we made about the guy that played ping-pong, after we discovered that he had left his shop, was about why he had left his shop. We had a key to get into the shop since the guy didn't want to have to stop playing to let us in. So we walked in and hit the ball around while figuring out what we would use for the bet. There were four of us total standing around talking and playing.

More later...

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