Another dearth of web activity by me, but what else is new. So I've got this idea in my head that my website is going to go all XHTML 1.1 and CSS. Naturally, this would all be validated to make it official. To be honest, since I already cleared out the font tags, the only trick will be to move away from table oriented design. Of course it's not required for XHTML compliance, but why do XHTML and CSS if you just use tables?

I also plan on changing the style of the website a bit, such as making the colors less stark and the design more functional. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to consolidate the pages so that the only thing required for a PC to work is hitting a switch on the page. Of course it will require much borking with cookies, CSS, and javascript (and dumb luck).

Beyond all that stuff, I plan on posting some more lyrics and poetry and maybe even some strings of words of my own creation. But that stuff will wait until after the site is redesigned. Vish me lock!


Been a while eh? I haven't really done much, but Zach is back, and the Links page has been updated accordingly. Also: for a while I thought my page didn't work in Safari, but i got rid of the font Times RO and now it works. Hopefully there are no problems on other computers. *Yaybecausesafaricorrectlydisplaysmyfavicon* natch (<-- What does that mean?)


I put up some David Kirby poems on the Words page. He not only allowed me to post them here, but he encouraged it. And he called me a "fellow" too. *blush*


Refinements (refreshments?). Trying to figure out what to do next. Update: I just added a quick and dirty web site icon to The Cumpus. You'll prolly only see it on Mozilla though.


Holeeee... I never thought it would really happen, but it did. My website is now PC compatible (well, if you want it to be). PCs can use GIFs now instead of the PNGs that they just don't understand. A new era has begun. PCs and Macs can now equally enjoy the splendor of The Cumpus. Come one, come all! See the constellation! See the majesticism!


Well oompah loompah, I updated! Lots more lyrics on the Words page as well as a poem called "Howl" (which you already knew was a poem, because it's so fantastic).


More, more, more, it's your all-american update!


More stuff, nothing substantial though. It was just... you know, perfectionisty stuff. I can't control it.


Made things pretty. Eventually more content, but I'm probably full of it.


Did some stuff.


That last update doesn't have any idea what it's talking about. Today a whole lot of work was thrown into the site today, err... yeah. Very few tweaks can be noticed at all, most of it involves stopping my html editor from complaining about font tags. Zillions of other things too. Alas, content is sorely lacking. Perhaps that shall be the direction in which I will turn next.


A whole lot of work was thrown into the site today. Many design tweaks, mostly involving layout and color. The fonts are better now, and much more organized. Threw up an intro to inform everyone exactly what they're getting themselves into. That kinda stuff.


Lotsa hotsa tweaks and changes. I finally got the Pictures page to the point where it is perfect. IE bug begone! In addition, a large chunk of this news page has been broken off into an Old Posts page, to keep this one at a reasonable size. More stuff in the pipeline, perhaps this weekend. Yoy.


Theoretically on the way: Non-PNG version of site, perhaps different fonts, French verb pages, and maybe flash animation. Potential hurdle: I'm lazy.


Okay minor update after long time. New song, new link, tweaks. Big plans, little time. That's all.


I added a few links to the Links page and edited it a little. In addition, I added about 50 songs to my favorite Songs page. And I think that's about it, I'm sure there were other little things. Have a nice day.


Okay, I put quite a bit of work into the site so it should now look considerably more spiffery. Everything should shine and shimmer like an early morning's light rain, gleaming in a good helping of sunlight. Righto. My next project will be to add some actual content to the bastard.


Here I am again, a number of months later, to point out once again that very little has happened to this page. That may change soon though, as I'm beginning to tweakify parts of the page and I definitely need to find solutions to a number of nagging problems. This site will be perfect I tell you!


It's been awhile since I've updated the page, but now the photos are up on the Pictures page. Featuring random subjects and, of course, me trying to look cool. Though some of the pictures need some tuning up. A little contrast adjustment, erase some dust or smudge marks, that kind of thing. So... enjoy.


It certainly was a magical day with my website. Just when I thought that I was stuck and I couldn't do whatever it was that I wanted to do, something would fall into place. I figured out how to keep my frames from shrinking when the window was contracted. It's a wonderful little word called: "nowrap". Very effective. And I made a neat little divider that just did not want to be resized. And then I realized that I still had my paths saved. Fuck yes. Oh and I've finally found a poem from Ferlinghetti that I absolutely could not find anywhere on the internet. That's up on the Poetry & Lyrics page. Now I just have to figure out how to make that mouseover work.


Well I've gotten a little more work done on the site. There are a bunch of badges over on the Links page. Some of them I had to create myself, because there are people out there who don't understand the importance of badges (or a badge that looks somewhat decent). And I believe I have finally gotten the background to stay fixed in netscape, thank you CSSs. Last but not least the thumbnails on the Pictures page now opens up to a window perfectly sized to the proportions of the picture it is loading. Super slick.


It took me forever, but I've finally gotten 5 photos up on the Pictures page. They're all the same photo of course, but 4 of them have been edited with photoshop. It was for a photography project back in high school. I've got a whole stack of other photos to scan in, but I don't have that crucial final element... a scanner. But I probably will soon. In addition I've got this really cool idea for a mouseover effect on the thumbnails, hopefully I can get that working soon as well.


Okee. As you can see, I have changed the side panel side thingies. They are hella anti-aliased now. That's because they're PNGs and over twice as large as they used to be. That's the price of progress. You'll notice they glow now too. Yes indeedy. By the way, I have to admit I spelled Lewis Caroll's name wrong (I spelled it with only one "l"). My dad caught that for me, the lucky bastard.


Finally I got around to changing the crappy title pics. Hopefully they're a bit less crappy now. In addition, their black frames are written into the style sheet and the HTML so it's not actually part of the picture. If you can't see any black frames around the pictures, then you're probably using a browser that doesn't support that aspect of style sheets (which to my knowledge is anything other than the current version of IE).


Mmmkay... changed copyright blurb slightly, added list of songs (which can be found on the Me page), and I fixed the last update by adding the green text backing that I'm so fond of, oh and I'm now running OS X 10.0.3. Finals are next week, and I'm back home in Vancouver after that. Perhaps I'll be able to edit the webpage more frequently. Yes that would be hella sweeeeeet.


'Nuther updatey thing. I edited the Me page a little. I've got a list of favorite songs that I'm going to add pretty soon. I've made the list, but I still have to HTMLify it.


Wow, it's really been a while since I last touched this page. This is the first time this year that I have edited anything. I don't know why, but the last time I updated, I forgot to link to the Robert Frost poem. That's now fixed. I may start updating more frequently now, but who knows?


Today I threw in two more poems from Poe and added his picture and a monty python picture to their lyrics. I really like that Monty Python picture. The Quest For The Holy Grail rocked. I saw American Beauty yesterday, that is a good movie. I did some formatting too.

12/26/00, sorta

More tweaking today. I added some Monty python lyrics as well. One of my brothers bought a Monty Python CD for my father for Christmas and I thought I'd take advantage of the situation. Funny shit. I think I've finally solved all that stupidity with the style sheet. The links now have a mouse-over color, a visited color, an active color, and an unused color. Don't ever let anyone tell you that the order of a style sheet never matters. My internet is inexplicably hosed today, so this update may not appear until tomorrow, which is now today, which means I typed this yesterday. I also plan on experiencing a strong sense of deja vu tomorrow, which I am now feeling today.


Merry Christmas all. It was a good day for me, hopefully it was a good day for you as well. Good luck avoiding the Winter blues. I've added some more to the words page and, of course, thrown in a bit of tweaking here and there as tradition requires. Fuck you UW for making me start school January 2nd, *sigh*. I'd better enjoy my break while it still lasts. The pictures page may not get updated until I get back to school, things didn't quite go as planned. Zut.


It's been a few days, but I've been tweaking the site little by little. The pictures page is up even though I have nothing on it yet. Baby steps, baby steps. But I'll have something put up somewhere in the midst of christmas break. I even reapplied the flowing background on the photography page. That's the only place I didn't think it would be annoying. I think I also partially fixed a little problem with mouse-over effects on links using CSSs. Another stupid order problem. IE seems to ignore it anyway, tant pis.


Looky looky. Random phrase generator. A JavaScript I can't even come close to understanding. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for someone else.


There, it's done, ungrateful bastards! Oh, nevermind, that was done for myself. I'm such an ungrateful bastard. Yeah, so the poetry page is done. Of course you can all expect it to be constantly updated in the future. Next victim will be the photography page. I gotta find someone with a scanner though. I might just go ahead and do it when I go home for winter break. After that, I don't know what I'll do with the site. Product reviews? Only time will tell...


Unfortunately, that "tomorrow" thing never quite happened. But I've just uploaded all the Ogden Nash poetry and since it's just pretty much cut and paste from now on, things should be finished pretty soon. So I'll say it again, tomorrow the poetry page will be finished, this time for real. Now however, I'm going to sleep cuz it's been a long day. Good night.


Just to inform the weirdo who actually checks this page, most of my updates are late at night, so don't expect to see these updates the day I complete them, it will almost certainly be the next day that the changes appear. I've gotten a bit of work done on the poetry page, but it's rather disappointing right now. What with the utter lack of poetry and all that. In any case, I have the data on my hard drive and hopefully sometime tomorrow I will be able to finish up the connections and uploads and all will be well. I'll probably mess with the style of the page a bit too. I should probably mention right now that if anyone has any poetry that they like I would definitely be interested in hearing about it. I'm not that knowledgable when it comes to poetry which is, of course, evidenced by my collection of very well-known poetry. Tomorrow... tomorrow all will be revealed, you will see... muhahahaha.


Oh, baby! Will ya look at that background move! That took forever this morning. Shit, I'm not doing anything like that again. Poetry is still in the works, but at least I've collected most of what I'm going to use on the page, now I just have to put it all together. Ugh.


Today I just made some tweaks here and there, nothing major. God I'm tired. I'll probably get that poetry page up pretty soon, and as soon as I steal me a scanner, I'll toss up some pics. Bien.


Hey check out that animated gif in the index bar. Slick huh? That's what I did last night while procrastinating math homework. I think I'll be able to add some more links tonight, I hope. If I don't update again, have a good Thanksgiving!


Okay, I finally got that links page up, but I'm not quite done with it yet. It should be finished by tonight. Maybe I'll be able to post that poetry that I've been meaning to add to the site.


It's been a rough week, so there hasn't been any updates for a little while. Hopefully I can get up another page or two tonight, but we'll see. Homework beckons... Of course, other things on the site have been screwed with too.


All I've got to say today is that it's stupid that link tags have to be in order in a CSS. Grrr... Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it's Veteran's Day. Hello? You do know that right? Jeez, poor dead people, nobody cares. If it weren't for the calendar I wouldn't have noticed. Am I the only one that noticed? Hellooooo out there!


Ooh look, another page, I think I can now officially call this a "web site." How wonderful.


Style sheets and tables and span tags oh my! HTML is crazy shit. Finally, three days of 100% natural weekend, woowoo!


I'm learning to play with HTML and what you see is the result. It's addicting. It's frustrating too, but it's still frighteningly addicting..... Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The Evil Lori has hacked into poor little Tyler's Web page!!! Oh no! Here he comes!!!.

Mozilla, Safari, and Opera have decent support for standards, so they display this website correctly. Internet Explorer doesn't, so it doesn't. All browsers will display the content.