June 28th, 2004

This is an image of some random blue tarp-type strips jumbled in a mass, reasting on some grass and leaves. It was then manipulated with photoshop's smudge stick filter.

Go see the Pictures page, um... and then click on the images. After you do that, you'll see the new photograph pages -- complete with detailed descriptions! Since pictures are a bit different from text, they got their own style sheet. Style sheets take for friggin' ever to make.

Eventually (I know I've said this at least ten times before), I'll make a style switcher so we can have any design anywhere we want! Hooray! I'll probably also add the ability to disable background images, because I bet those can get annoying.

Hoo... not much else goin' on, so maybe I'll just live vicariously through Apple. Today they released new anodized aluminum cinema displays. 30 inches! WTF! RDF! I can't wait to see one in person.

Continuing the vicariosity, Apple talked about their next version of OS X, Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". They've got a lot of neat stuff going into it such as VoiceOver, which allows blind people (or sighted people) to control every aspect of OS X with their voices, and also a version of Safari that will be able to handle RSS/Atom feeds. There's other cool stuff too.

However, they introduced a couple things that I'm not so happy about. One of those is Dashboard, a managed widget collection that appears to be indistinguishable from Konfabulator. If you check out Konfabulator's website, you'll find an amusing message concerning Dashboard. Additionally, much of the functionality found in Spotlight appears to be taken directly from popular existing Mac software such as Quicksilver and LaunchBar.

Moves like this bother me, because it has a chilling effect on the Mac software community. Every developer that gets stomped on by Apple is going to want to leave or do something else. And the only developers that are going to get stomped on are the creative ones -- the ones that make all the greatest software. So it strikes me as contrary to Apple's interests, not to mention ours, for them to rape third party software like this. Fuckers.

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