April 11th, 2004

A twisted bit of wire from a chainlink fence with a bit of a rusty crossbar just behind it. An extremely blurry forest serves as the backdrop.

Dave, a friend of mine, lent me Transformers: The Movie. I watched a little bit of it already and it's really shiny.

I wasn't aware that a cartoon could possibly be that shiny. Though it was digitally remastered, so maybe that's what did it. The 80's couldn't have possibly been that shiny. I mean, we can all still see, can't we?

Anyway, I totally have all of the transformers that rocked in that movie. I had the hot rod guy and the old, green, truck-type guy. And I'm sure I had others, but those two were cool in the movie.

Oh yeah! I didn't even know that there was this movie until recently! My entire childhood went by and I never even noticed! This is what friends are for: to save you from your ignorance.

I must not have been a very attentive child because I never noticed that Megatron at one point became Galvatron, for example. Thank you Transformers: The Movie, now I know. And while this isn't the right 80's cartoon for this: knowing is half the battle.

I need to watch the rest of that movie very, very soon. My incomplete childhood education depends on it!

Note: To anyone who relies on the "alt" tags for any reason, I apologize for forgetting to put them in for the last couple of post images, that is now fixed. I'll try not to let it happen again.

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