July 10th, 2004

This is a big yellow pipe that was on the ground somewhere. It looked cool, because the sun left the inside of it with a deep orange color.

Why the hell is there a big plastic container filled with water sitting next to my door? It's been there for months. I think it was for a barbeque, but never got used. Now it's sitting next to my door -- not getting used. I wonder how long it will sit there for.

The top of the container is dented in by the futon bar that passes just above it. My living room area is very strangely laid out. Once you enter the front door, you have to walk around the back of the futon to get anywhere. This is after walking past the big water container with the dented top.

There're a number of things behind the futon, underneath that bar, other than the plastic water thing. My skateboard, for example, lives there. It's very convenient. I also leave my gloves there that I wear so I don't repeat the scary hand incident that occurred a while back.

I wish my trombone fit nicely there, but it doesn't seem to. So instead it usually hangs out in the closet. However, I'm seriously considering leaving the trombone in a place that is perpendicular to the futon, except across the pathway used to walk around it, against the kitchen bar wall. That would be convenient like my skateboard is convenient. That's what I'll do today! I'll play my trombone some.

That's how I feel today, trombonesome.

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