February 19th, 2005

This is the cylindrical black thing that sticks out of the ground next to the apartment building in front of us. It's sunny outside, so everything is bright and cheery, even the black thing.

...Well actually, it's after 1:00 PM, but for some of us, this is morning.

Last night, I was riding the bus home, which happens a lot, and letting ideas run through my mind. This is how everyone must be, because most people were sitting like I was, staring at nothing to save themselves from having to put their eyes somewhere.

Usually, when I'm on the bus, I'm listing to music. So the wandering ideas tend to manifest as a music video. I'm sitting on this bus, directing a music video, and most of it is projected outside the windows.

Oddly enough, the music video typically begins with me sitting at the back of the bus and holding my skateboard, which I wouldn't normally need to have on the bus. But I have it anyway, and I place it on the ground and wait for the bus to stop, leaving me with the momentum to carry me down the aisle, between the seats, and out the front windshield.

Badass, I know. From here, I'm usually not in the music video anymore and things get more interesting. What happens depends on the music, of course, but the video generally continues over a few songs, with each different song pushing the plot and mood in a different direction. Good stuff, if you could only see it.

Last night, I wasn't listening to music, so there were no music videos. I wrote a short story. Not on paper, because that would require activity, which isn't allowed on a bus. But I've since forgotten the short story, which was the greatest ever, as were the music videos, because I didn't write them down or record them or something. It's like a dream, duh.

Moving on, Mindy's soft tummy is soooo wonderful!

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