August 13th, 2004

This was originally a red, metal chair that is perched upon a tall, blue wooden post at the park. I flattened the image to use fewer colors and threw in the brownish aura. And I got rid of the post, so now it's a flying chair.

Ugh, don't wanna move today.

I ate all of our cookies, they got kinda stale, so it was time to finish 'em off. It would be cool to market a line of cookies like the ones I made. I could call them "Staleos". And underneath it would say "but still better than the rest!", cuz it's true. They were good.

Yeah, so we hooked that guy up to the U.S. powergrid and he was generating lots of power and it was paying all his bills. Things were going well for him, because he seriously never got tired of playing ping-pong. Sure, he got physically tired, but as we all know, physical fatigue is pretty much guaranteed to be temporary. Mental fatigue is another story, and this guy didn't have any of that, at least we never noticed any (and we did check, because we had placed some bets about how long he would last).

Every few months the guy would pay us to check out the power-conversion machine that he used to convert his everlasting ping-pong stamina into power. So we'd come out to his little strip-mall shop and make sure it didn't output too much heat and oil it up and maybe replace a weak-looking belt or something. Nothing ever broke before we got there and there was even a back-up system just in case. The machine was very important to this man.

So then, one time, we dropped by for our quarterly check-up and maybe to play him a few games and he wasn't there. The shop was empty. This was strange, because the guy was very particular about never needing to leave. Like I said before, he had someone come along regularly to replace his IV bag, so he always had plenty of nutrients, and she took care of getting random other things for him too, like clothing (he had to wear them or else no one else would come in and play). We had no idea what could have possibly persuaded him to leave his shop, so we made another bet.

More on this later...

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