October 8th, 2003

Okay'ere, I added some pieces to the Words page.

Damn, and I was sure that I was going to update for like a month straight. That sure stopped quick, but hey, I got a record now... of... four consecutive posts. I get a cookie.

We're all moved in now and school has begun. Why must it be so hard to switch living patterns? I can never do this. I'm too lazy, I'm allergic to work. My head won't let me start anything and just work and enjoy it. Fuck.

Oh yeah, I got rid of the title images because I got sick of looking at them. They will eventually be replaced by images that fit in with the color scheme much better. Oh and I almost forgot, big news, Catatonia is no longer Catatonia, it is now Datatonia. I loved the name Catatonia, but it was a bit overused. There's already a band that has broken up named Catatonia, and countless websites as well. So I tried the next letter in the alphabet and discovered that unlike Catatonia, Datatonia was an available web domain name. Therefore, it's official: You can reach this place by simply typing datatonia.com into your web browser of choice. It's bad ass, I know.

Mozilla, Safari, and Opera have decent support for standards, so they display this website correctly. Internet Explorer doesn't, so it doesn't. All browsers will display the content.