August 22nd, 2004

This was originally a white SUV with orange flames on it. I took the part reflecting the sun and attempted to accentuate the circular scuff marks that appeared around it. Mixed results, I'd say.

It's one of those overcast days that you think you've been waiting for for a long time. It's been hot and sunny for most of the summer and it's time for a change, you think. You think that, technically, weather has no mood. If it rains, the universe is no sadder than if it shines, you think. You know that the plants are a lot happier when it rains, because water is a lot less plentiful than sun, especially in the summer. And yet, I'm listlessly sitting here, uninspired, obsessively biting my nails as if they're a fuse leading down to my Full Potential. And I can find no one to blame for this other than the clouds above my head, blocking the undoubtedly radiant light endlessly flinging itself from my head-bulb. But heck, I wouldn't know.

The summer quarter is now over. I had one final; it's done. I finished the embedded system project. The system was successfully embedded and was absurdly close to working perfectly, so I think we did alright (though, you can't imagine how much it bothers me that it wasn't perfect). I've got another month or so ahead of me until autumn quarter starts, so I'm going to visit home for one week and try to get some decent hours of work in for the rest of them. I won't go on about how poor I am right now (I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader).

Woo! Mindy's been updating lately. And I have returned with her iBook, so she has no excuse not to add more.

And speaking of hyperlinks, here's a great one that I found through Adactio. It's a flash game called A Murder Of Scarecrows. The Adactio guy mentions that its style is Goreyesque. Here is a marginally decent link to information about Edward Gorey. You'll probably want to Google it and see what else is out there. He was a rather gothic artist and humorist (whereby gothic, I mean dark and macabre), who passed away a few years ago. Good guy, though.

The game is really fun and interesting to play. Playing it reminded me of Graveyard Town. It all fits the clouds outside very nicely, I must say. Haha! So many links!

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