April 8th, 2004

Vivid closeup of a spikey, green bit of moss that is growing from a crack in the dark-gray asphalt.

Ooh, I got a great side picture today. This one was taken by Mindy. It's moss.

I kept it nice and big too, so I need to talk more to prevent a load of white-space from loitering beneath it.

Which isn't necessarily bad or anything, because I really like white-space. It's like having milk with your cookies.

It's just that the whole tail-wagging-the-dog thing seems kind of, um... not ideal.

Wait... I think I got confused.


Do you think the way that the blockquote in the previous post overlaps its side picture is okay? I haven't been minding it so much ever since I started using the double borders. And to think, I could never before even imagine a situation where I would want to use them!

That separator seemed important, so I strong-ed it.

I'm gonna comment my stylesheet better so that people can learn from it. Then I'm gonna comment my useless javascript that makes the random text (using the DOM no less) so that people can learn from it. Then I'm gonna make a page that links to them directly so that people can see what's going on.

And then I will take over the world!

Okay this waggly post seems to be long enough now. I promise I won't do this stupid crap again. *hides crossed fingers behind back*

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